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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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To me often

Well, I mean, hemp and the plan, but not heroin.In school I well fought, there often were fights, but I always was on the ball, so why me to teach a kung fu at Dmitry.To me often here happens boringly, with boredom I was wound and in Baryatino to drink.And children covered me.Egor lied to me with the scared eyes But here if I had a motorcycle and I could go with a speed more than hundred twenty, it would not be boring for me.Now Mishin view of problems of wider character.

But it was always

I knew that in the real families fathers earn.Neighbors gave, sometimes came to the father, talked.But it was always drunk, and everything to it was to pofig.And how you studied?And I very seldom studied, almost did not go to school at all.Here now I remember, let us assume, I now remember how my cool teacher came to the house, and that she could tell.Well, it kindly concerned me.Even remained with it after lessons, it helped me to do homework.

The child

The child with a cerebral palsy has these mature automatic onsturalnye reaction because of the broken posturalny muscular tone and abnormal pathological models of the movements are absent or are expressed poorly or, on the contrary, it is excessive.Normal and the abnormal broken sequence of movements: main differences In this section we will discuss sequence of development of movements which allows us smoothly and coordinate to change a pose from a prone position on a back or lying on a stomach.

We were ready

We with Irina in reply laugh look at you horns grow.He is an aries, with all that it implies.The sonny felt the head, smoothed hair did not find horns but who likes to be object of sneers so ceased to be puffed up.But at the same age fight for justice began.We were ready to it as the question of the rights and in wider plan about justice takes the most important place in consciousness of our children.At normal development the child solves this problem to years to , at abnormal we receive eternally dissatisfied adult with mania of prosecution.

Someone will

Someone will read this part entirely right at the beginning, and someone will only glance in it to come back to it then, as required, everything depends on what knowledge parents already have, whether the first is the child in a family, and, at last, from individual style of studying new.Chapters about development of great movements and about early stages of development of a small motility included in the second section do not assume a full and detailed statement of material is only introduction to a subject.

I would

Rett placed a problem of alcohol and smoking in one chapter because teenagers do not divide them: neither alcohol, nor nicotine are not, in their opinion, drugs therefore in general it is necessary to speak about them separately.I would not begin to connect together alcohol intake and smoking doctor Joseph Yampolsky, the diplomaed psychiatrist spoke to me.Children take alcohol and cigarettes for various reasons, it specified, and they reach for them too for various reasons.Teenagers take alcohol simply for two reasons doctor Yampolsky speaks.

You probably

That is why the serious relation is necessary for that we speak.You probably are right, considering that we do not receive those estimates for which could apply, but if you do not find out the reasons of it, we, perhaps, never learn about our true potential.WRITING OFF The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.But as it is frequent between us and hopelessly long, difficult curve appears good progress.From here the choice follows: we can or study, investigate and move ahead on a long track, or if the situation allows, to use a keyboard combination of a fast call and to swindle.


Without being able to chew and swallow, it chokes, the food when kneaded, but not chewed gets to back departments of a mouth.Approximately in a month after the kid learned to eat from a spoon, he is capable to drink from a glass or a cup, of course, if he sits.First its actions are not really well coordinate, and liquid follows at the edges of a mouth, the child chokes and zakashlivatsya.Will proceed so until he learns to control very well functions of a mouth, only then the kid will be able to drink liquid.

Informatively, of course, but it is not enough! Here

To WHOM to TRUST?What REALLY occurs in its organism?Whether it is necessary to do abortion?What with the kid?How it develops?Whether it is worth visiting this doctor further?After all for some weeks that Vika at it was observed, he NEVER examined her, did not measure, did not weigh, to make any test did not send!Only every time did ultrasonography.Informatively, of course, but it is not enough!Here again interfered Lesh.He supported the wife in her aspiration to keep pregnancy and again suggested to look for other doctor.

And for some

Everything is very democratic: Hi, Paul.Even if Paul your chief or, for example, the fatherinlaw.And for some reason it seems to me that soon and our middle names slowly will go out of use.Well, just by that moment when our children grow up and will turn into those uncles and aunts which we got used to call validly by name to a middle name.But time chief told to select to a middle name, we will select to a middle name.The name Dima madly is pleasant to me.

And what

And how many stories that the doctor promised to arrive on childbirth, but did not reach was tired, day off, unforeseen circumstances.And what then?Of course, other doctor will deliver, is not worse than at all, but the deposit remains.Yes, not in all maternity hospitals attach concrete crew to platnitsa as in ohms maternity hospital.Yes, you sometimes do not know who will accept your contract childbirth.But anyway it will be not the intern or the young specialist, but one of the most skilled doctors in crew on duty, is frequent the one who heads it.

So after

Perhaps, it silly and not in an adult way, however it so.But, however, I do not think that you use these words every day in communication.So after all?I say not about a maturity of teenagers, and that refusal of certain words will help us to be more attentive to about what you speak.I asked in an Internet chat children that they feel when parents use hot words, and here what answers received.They confuse me.So ridiculously, when the father tries to talk to me about sex.

And he needs

But, eventually and hearttoheart talk insufficiently!It is simple to learn that there inside hurts, does not mean to cure.Only the child can cure, he has to itself want to change.And he needs to take this step independently.Kitezhsky approach conversation and assistance in accommodation of the life situations bearing experience.Conversation without practical experience is useless.Experience, without training I would tell ability developments to analyze the events and to take useful conclusions waste of time.

If rests

Och h chen it is interesting!Means, on a choice of the woman it is possible to give birth together with the father of the kid it could not care less, and to unwillingness of the man to support darling and to see how their GENERAL child is born, it is necessary to be respectful?I correctly understood the authors position?I do not say that the husband in a rodblok needs to be dragged on a lasso.If rests all four extremities, Let It Pass, let stays at home.But, I consider if the woman LIKE to see the husband near herself on childbirth, and he REFUSED to her it, it is an occasion to reflect.

Olya too considers

However, Zhenka has no husband so and there was nobody to be present, actually.But, having passed through childbirth, she is absolutely sure: such show not for unstable mans mentality.Olya too considers that presence on childbirth can become the real psychological trauma for the man.And it is concrete for her husband.Refusal of its presence on childbirth became the conscious and unshakable Oliny decision.It proceeded even not so much from interests of the husband, how many from the personal attitude.

And Scenario

She ceased to drink tablets, to measure temperature, to build schedules.Disconnected the head.Deleted everything from daily occurrence that was connected with attempt to become pregnant.And Scenario painfully familiar: next month she became pregnant.YES!It happened!There was what was waited so long.For what prayed.That considered as the main event in life.Tests, analyses, the general state everything spoke about a longawaited miracle.

Now it reached

Third stage From the bent being the kid turned into the direct little man who perfectly controls now position of the head.Now it reached the following important stage of development the generalized movements of all body are succeeded by the various isolated movements.It acts on this stage with the unbent and taken away hands and feet.If earlier generally shoulder and coxofemoral joints actively moved, now the movement covers both knee, and elbow joints.Lets note that hands are developed better than feet.

Got behind

Result negative.Hurrah!Lets get down to work!The first two months were the most disturbing.Any pricking or a pandiculation in a stomach, the next delay which Olya too had in the nature of things, were perceived unambiguously it!But it everything did not come in any way.At first Olya became puzzled: how so?It seems, everything is normal, and it is impossible.Got behind information into the Internet.It appeared, not they the first not at all it turns out at once.

On the street

You need the card!Here you left the house and on your card is written be not late in school, differently there will be a trouble.On the street you should not lift up passersby, to steal a march in front of the car, to throw stones in showwindows of shops.At school on each person it is written how with him it is possible or it is impossible to arrive.You see to Lech?It big and strong.On it it is written do not touch, and you will receive that.

The child

The child will study all the time while he watches you and helps you.Remember that the kid always has a set of questions which he does not set because badly speaks, does not find words or simply manages to put thought into words.The director of one school for children with violations told me that is frequent on a question as do cookies, he hears the answer: It is necessary to get it from the refrigerator, to take out from a package and to roll, and on a question, milk from where undertakes, children answer: From a bottle.

Having plopped

.I fast settled on the left side and turned an eye on an open door in which in a moment there was a nicelooking nurse and average years with my baby on hands.Having plopped before me the child, it walked back to the cart with invaluable freight.And ingenuity was enough for me to shout it following: Please, come to me then, show, what yes as.My child who is wrapped up in a roddomovsky envelope peacefully slept.It is visible, did not recover from the endured stress yet.

Still the quote

Cesarean section became doctors and pursued the aim to save only the childs life when mother died or was already dead.The patient midwife waited, waited for the natural course of childbirth and waited that the woman in labor died.Still the quote how so it happened that midwives were replaced by doctors.Then women were afraid of death at the time of delivery.The desire was more important to have safe childbirth, than a sex of the one who accepts this childbirth.Thats it!

Simple wooden

Attention.If the child badly controls position of the head and trunk, or it sharply raised a tone of sgibatel, to put it in a chair box we do not advise.At an asymmetric muscular tone additional support sometimes is required.Simple wooden chair You can make a simple and steady wooden chair.Such chairs are very convenient.It is possible to make two cross boards: one a seat, another a tabletop.Turning a chair into a table, you will use it long enough.Such chair is suitable for children with moderately raised muscular tone.

I asked

If as made that conversation, so it aggravated feeling of a grief.It left, without knowing, than to help.And I sat, without understanding that to me it is necessary and as it to ask.I learned from friends about their talk with parents.Practically all felt the same, as I.The abyss between us and parents was more, than ourselves thought.I asked one of friends that his father could make to help it in the circumstances.I believed that he will answer anything.

If the help

They explained to children that their feelings understand.If the help in a type of tutors or the facilitated program was required for teenagers, they should have addressed to parents.But by no means I do not declare that you should not encourage aspiration to good results.I only say that, allowing teenagers know that you understand how to them it is difficult, and that you nearby when the child needs the help, you open for it other, than drug, the assistant, namely yourself.

To develop

What does not approach?Why?Pets grant , fig.To fix at the child of the word, the designating names of pets.To specify parts of a body of animals a horn, hoofs, a mane, a tail, paws, teeth, etc., features of appearance a sherstka, a shchetinka, etc.Who else came a grant , fig.To develop a visual memory, to cultivate observation.To develop the speech, to make active the dictionary on the subject Pets.Questions: Who is it?

Lisa continually

Lisa with Sasha with relief sighed waited!, were adjusted, gathered and went to that commercial clinic where decided to give birth.But there they were waited by disappointment any signs of childbirth was not observed.Fights were false.It was necessary to come back home.The next day of news did not bring.Well, when?And here night was given the uneasy.Lisa continually ran in a toilet.And in the morning it dawned it!Exactly it!

Make a paper

The offered installation I release the fears to feel love.One candle is capable to disseminate a gloom Materials Candle, matches and the darkened room.According to your desire, you can prepare on one candle for each child in advance.Make a paper skirt that wax did not get to children on hands for each candle.Attention!Allow to take candles only to adult children who will be able to hold them in vertical situation.Lesson course If you are at home, it is possible to light one candle and to discuss a subject of this lesson in the course of meal.

That the impatient

That the impatient doctor will not wait until the child independently does the necessary way, and, having roughly interfered, will accelerate natural process of childbirth will puncture a fetal bubble, will put a dropper with oxytocin etc..And in general that any stimulation is harmful, the epiziotomiya which is done to every first woman in labor, is not necessary at all spontaneous gaps where it is better than a surgical section, and the atmosphere of maternity hospital depresses and holds down future mummy, without giving it the chance to be liberated and completely to prove in childbirth.

To continue

With a smooth, color ribbon, a lace with small knots to which ends small brilliant hand bells are attached To learn to carry out purposeful actions with a subject, being in sight of the child.To continue to develop and improve skill of a hvataniye.The child has to take at first vertically located tape, feel the sliding smooth surface then which is horizontally located; at retraction of the lace enclosed in a hand with small knots to open a palm and to intercept a lace in a smooth place.

If it is full, to it it is warm, the bottom

And only then I was convinced that expression sleeps as the baby it is thought up with an ulterior motive.The child sleeps, despite all external irritants really tight, and wakes up only from internal requirements.If it is full, to it it is warm, the bottom does not pinch, and hurts nothing a gun will not wake!We looked from Dashkaya through windows of chamber at the coming spring.The daughter thus amazingly twirled by eyes in different directions at babies the look is not focused, and I held her on hands and thought what we have ahead all life what I will tell the girl of the fairy tale and to answer on its infinite why?


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